Covered California Open Enrollment Period Begins November 1, 2017
The next Open Enrollment will run from November 1, 2017 - January 31, 2018.
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Covered California Health Insurance Open Enrollment Dates 2018 (PDF)
Covered California Income Limits (PDF)

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  Phone: (714) 531-3637
  Mobile: (714) 553-2404
  Fax: (714) 531-3633
  Email: johnpham@muabaohiem.com

John Pham Insurance Services
WESTMINSTER, CA 92683 License #0649378
Tel. (714) 531-3637 * Fax (714) 531-3633
Email: johnpham@muabaohiem.com
The next generation of Allianz Life Pro+ is built to move.
We've added more flexibility and options to help with whatever’s down the road for your clients. Kick the tires. Check under the hood. You’re going to like what you find.
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Hypothetical results are based on nonguaranteed rates and assumptions selected by Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America (Allianz). Actual results may be different from the figures shown in the example and in some cases may be significantly higher or lower.
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For additional information, check out our updated consumer brochure () and agent guide ().
Life insurance
Allianz Life Pro
1. Life Pro + Survivor Consumer Brochure 
2. Life Pro + Survivor - Private Split - Dollar Arrangement 
3. Life Pro + Survivor Positioning Flyer 
4. Rate Renewals And Interest Credit 
Fixed Index Universal Life Insurance
1. A Strategy to help provide protection and enhance your SS benefits 
2. What's your Strategy for the Long Term 
3. Flexibility And Control In Your Retirements 
4. Life Insurance Can Help Address Your Financial Needs 
5. Understanding Fixed Index UL 
6. Understanding Life Insurance Charges 
7. Using Required Minimum Distributions To Enhance Your Life Ins Protection 
8. Allianz Life Pro+ Fixed Index Universal Life Insurance Policy Brochure 
9. Affordable Coverage Now - with the flexibility to adapt as your life changes 
10. Allianz Life - Understanding Fixed Index Universal Life Insurance 
11. Allianz Life Pro+ Increase your accumulation and Income Protential 
12. Increasing the accumulation potential of your policy with our interest bonus 
13. The Allianz advantage - flexibility - protection - control 
Strength & Stability of Allianz
1. Stability And Reliability Brochure 
2. The Irrevocable Insurance Trust 
3. The Strenght Of Allianz 
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